Creating an Apple Developer Account for publishing your app on the Public App Store [Depreciated]

Please note this program has been depreciated. Please refer to the following guide for publishing your app on the Apple App Store: Creating a Managed Apple ID account for publishing your app via the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) and generating Redemption Codes

The Apple Developer program allows you or third parties that you invite to your account to publish apps on the Public App Store. 

This article will guide you through the process of creating and configuring an Apple ID and then enrolling it in the Apple Developer Program.


In order to create an Apple Developer account, you need the following information: 

  1. An email address.
    Your organization's basic details (like VAT number and address);
  2. Your organization's D-U-N-S number.
    More information on how to request your organization's D-U-N-S number is provided in Section 1: Requesting a D-U-N-S Number.
  3. Roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour of time to go through the process.


D-U-N-S is a globally recognized system developed by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). The D-U-N-S system allocates a unique identifier to companies. 

Please request a D-U-N-S number on the following D&B link:


How to request a D-U-N-S number

Enter the following information on

  • your first and last name;
  • your email address;
  • as reason for requesting your D-U-N-S Apple VPP account;
  • the country your organization is located in. 

Click Next > to go to the D-U-N-S number search and registration screen.
Please note: we use Speakap's D-U-N-S number and corporate information in this article.

Search for your organization using (at minimum) the organization name and click on the right record. 

You will be taken to the confirmation screen. If you haven't landed on this screen yet, click Apply for a D-U-N-S® Number

Click Confirm > to request the D-U-N-S number. You will receive the D-U-N-S number in an email on the email address you provided in the first screen:

Go to:!&page=create and create an account with an email address under your control and make a note of your security question answers. These are going to be needed at a later stage.




After filling in all the fields and confirming your email address you can go to the next step.



Go to: scroll to the bottom and press Start Enrollment.



If everything went fine when creating the Apple ID you should see the following. Follow the steps in the link to enable two-factor authentication.




Once you finish this step go back to and try to enroll again, now you should be presented with this screen. Choose Entity Type Organization. This will allow speakap to develop apps and upload them for you.


Press continue and fulfill all data correctly and precisely. Apple will give your contact person a call to verify that it is indeed your organization requesting a Membership. Once you're done filling in the fields and press Continue you should see this.



Allow 5-10 business days before apple calls you and asks for verifications. Finish you enrollment when you application is approved.

You want to enroll for the Apple Developer Program as an Organization. It costs 99$/E per year. Other programs don't allow you to receive an app from Speakap so we cannot use them.



Once you're done creating an Apple ID and Enrolling in the Apple Developer Program you can invite Speakap to develop and upload your app. Go to and click on Account in the top right corner:

Sign in and you should be seeing this. Tap on the People  tab and invite  as an Admin so that Speakap is able to develop an app for you.





Additionally go to and after logging in click on Users and Access:


In here press plus and add also as an Admin to be able to upload and create apps on your behalf. As the account owner you have control over any action Speakap does on your behalf. 




This is it, now Speakap should be able to create an app for you.


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