Speakap Support

Whitelisting Speakap domains

The following domains need to be whitelisted in the (corporate) network in order to use Speakap.



If only one level of wildcards is allowed


Specific (not recommended)


n.speakap.io - Realtime notifications
chatter.speakap.io - Realtime notifications
n2.speakap.io - Realtime notifications
api.speakap.io - RESTful Speakap web service
<network_name>.speakap.com - Your specific network
<app_name>.app.speakap.io - Specific applications within Speakap

IP range - - Speakap IP range

Please note: Speakap cannot guarantee this IP range will remain unchanged in the future.

All connections are HTTPS (443). Web sockets only use encrypted connections and use the wss:// protocol.