Speakap Support

4. Using the Speakap interface

The most important feature of Speakap is your timeline. The timeline is displayed in the center of the page. On the left and right side, menus, settings and widgets are displayed. 


The timeline is the heart of Speakap. The timeline is personal and is composed of several components. Read a full breakdown of what's visible on the timeline on the Which messages are visible on the timeline? page. 
The timeline encompasses everything that is happening within your organization. It contains updates you or other people posted, comments on the updates and news messages. 


Posting an update

The timeline allows you to post updates which other people can reply to. These updates may include attachments or photos.
You can also select the recipient of your update in the post update functionality.



A notification center is available in the top bar above the timeline. For instance, notifications will appear when someone has replied on your update or has mentioned you.

Left menu

The left menu allows you to navigate to the individual parts of Speakap, including your own profile.
In the left menu also contains a search function, which allows you to search for documents, users and updates on Speakap.



The News section contains an overview of all news items sent to you. You immediately see which news items you have not yet read, when they were sent and who wrote the news item. If you have the correct permissions, you can write your own news items from this screen.
Depending on your permissions, news items may be sent to the entire organization, parts of the organization and groups.


Private messages

Speakap allows you to easily create one-on-one conversations and group conversations. Documents and photos can be shared in your private messages as well. 



The People page shows all people who are part of your network. 



By creating groups in your Speakap network you can share updates, files and news items with the right people. Groups help prevent clutter on the platform.
Groups can be created for all sorts of purposes, like project teams, departments and events.


If you are a member of multiple Speakap networks, you can easily switch between networks by clicking the Networks option at the top of your screen.


Change your personal information (name, address, languages) here.

Contact information
You can adjust your contact information, like your address, phone number and email address in the Contact information screen. 

You can select your language the Preferences screen. Speakap is currently available in languages like Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese. Additional languages are frequently added.