Speakap Support

2. Activating your account.

Once you have been invited to Speakap, you will receive an email containing an activation link. Click the link to open the welcome menu in your browser.

You can start using Speakap immediately by following the steps in the welcome screen. The steps are described under 1. First-time Speakap user.

If you already have a Speakap account. please follow 2. Activating with an existing account.

1. First-time Speakap user

If you are a first-time Speakap user, you will need to create a profile before you can start using the platform.

Please enter your first and last name, choose a valid password and read and agree with the terms of use and privacy policy in the welcome screen. After you have filled in the fields and accepted the policies,  click the Register button to finalize your account creation.

You are now registered and may start using Speakap immediately!

2. Activating with an existing account

Already have a Speakap account? Click I already have an account and sign in with your credentials.